Westerville Central Summer Projects

Central: AP Government Summer Project:

AP Government and Politics 2015 Summer Project

Central: AP U.S. History Summer Project: (3 links!)

AP US History Themes

AP United States History Summer Project 2015

AP US History Summer To Do List 2015

Central: Honors English 9

Honors English I- Summer Reading Project- 2015-2016

Please note when printing the Honors English I project that there are pages in the file that are landscape direction (sideways).  When opening the PDF it should print correctly, but some people have printed it incorrectly and it cuts off the graphic organizers.  You will need to bring your book to class with you.  Read the packet to find out how to get a copy of the book.

Central: AP Language Summer Reading Project (coming soon!)

Central: AP Literature 2015/2016 (1 link):