Westerville South Summer Projects 2015

Books for summer projects in English classes are available in the front office beginning June 2. The district provides these materials. There is no need for you to purchase books yourself.

Honors English 9th Grade (1 link)

Honors American Literature  (2 links)

Honors British Literature (1 link)

 AP Language  (1 link)

AP Literature and Composition (1 link)

Note: to use Google Classroom, you must log in with your Westerville Google account information. The username is your student id # @ studentswcsoh.org; your password is the same as the password you use to log on the computers at school. Username example: 123456@studentswcsoh.org

IB Literature HL1  (1 link)

 IB Literature HL2  (1 link)

  • No extra assignment – you are to be working on your Extended Essay

IB Spanish SL and HL 1 (1 link)

IB Art (1 link)


updated May 20, 2015

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